Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Which Pocket Do You Keep Your Wallet In?

Sorry ladies, this blog post is for the guys. There will be lots of talk of sports, beer and the pros and cons of building your own drivetrain (I'm not even sure if the makes sense.) Actually, no, ladies you can answer this one for your man so don't leave. Here's my question:

Which pocket do you keep your wallet in?

First of all, you're surprised that's where this blog was going because it wasn't hinted at in the title. Second, the reason I ask is because I think I just found out I'm in the minority. I keep my wallet in my back right pocket. I've always thought that was the normal pocket to keep it in, but recently I have discovered most guys it appears keep theirs in their back left pocket. Is this true?

I also just happened to read a study that suggests men who store their wallet in their back right pocket are more likely to be considered "dreamy" and develop a moderate, but at times useful, superpower (I can't remember where I read that, but I think it was Science Facts Weekly.)


Toni Ryan said...

before i read through, i thought to myself, "Toni Ryan, if you were a man, who had money, and a wallet to keep it in, what pocket would you put this money-stuffed wallet into?" and I really answered myself with "The back right pocket of course!" --- DREAMY? really? Or is this one of those really obscure studies? (replace the word "obscure" with "fake")

Christina said...

My husband keeps his in his back right pocket. He is dreamy to me, lol.