Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Please Don't Hire These People CIA

I love CIA movies. The idea of someone disguising themself to take down some evil operative is so freakin cool! Growing up I really wanted to be an undercover agent. I had absolutely zero idea what went into obtaining such a career but I thought investing in some cheap disposable mustaches was a clear first step (something I still do to this day - this one is from Toni Ryan to be fair).

I still to this day, am not 100% sure how someone would land this job. Be a cop? Work for the government? Buy lots of camo pants? I really am not sure - though it would be a logical step for a ninja who just relocated to the States - what I do know as of this morning is, I know who shouldn't be a CIA agent: The guy who came up with the idea to disguise cell towers as giant trees.

I mean, what is that thing?! THAT'S THE UGLIEST TREE I'VE EVER SEEN! Some how this dying tree has defied the odds and grown to great heights. It looks like mid way through putting up a fake Christmas tree they decided to become Jewish. I think it's time these cell towers accepted who they are and stop trying to be someone else.


Toni Ryan said...

hahhaha i still have the pic in my phone of the vending machine where i got that stache for ya.

ok, so blog topic, so true! i think this is why short loudmouth filipino girls don't ever become spies -- hard to blend, yknow what i'm saying?

Kate Stottlar said...

In NH they are much more convincing! LOL!