Thursday, November 11, 2010

I Can't Tell Children's Ages

A couple of days ago I put up a post about a trick play that a pee wee football team ran. (You can read it here.) I wanted to make the argument that coaches for five and six year old players should not be calling ridiculous trick plays because it is in poor taste. I provided exactly zero reasons why I believe this; it was a solid argument. Turns out it didn't even matter.

Why? Well, because the kids in the video I referred to as pee wee football players were actually in middle school. I was way off. Does anyone else have this problem? I have no idea how old children are. For example, look at the very excited children in the picture (at least they are all excited but the one on the right who looks like he needs to use the bathroom), I would guess those kids are like 8. Does that seem reasonable? I have no idea, and would not be surprised if I was off by as much as six years. It's like when someone is over 85, they could be 105 for all I know, I can't tell.

Another thing I apparently cannot figure out is how to read Youtube video titles, like the one in the post entitled "Driscoll Middle School Trick Play."


Sweet Charity said...

Eveything about this is hilarious. But yes - it is tough to tell kid's ages if you don't have any around you all the time. I also don't know what to expect from what age groups. When they crawl, walk, talk - I have no idea when that occurs.

Debbie said...

I noticed that the video said that it was a middle school, but I didn't really know what peewee leagues consist of (I guess really little kids?).

I'm not the best judge of kids' ages, but I'm usually within a year or two, unless they look a lot older for their age (like have a beard at 13 or something, lol). I've been around a lot of family members who look, let's say, a lot more mature than others their age. But I'm like you, I look a lot younger than I really am-or at least, I used to; once you start carrying a baby around, people tend to assume you're legally allowed to drink alcohol, I guess, since I no longer get carded :( So it definitely works both ways. Maybe when you go to Rutgers football games, people think that you're actually a student, even though you're in your 20s or whatever :)