Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Health Corner

I've been doing this whole healthy eating thing for a while now. I was pretty sure when I started it would last about a week and I'd be back on Twinkies and Cherry 7 Up and that would be that. That was probably two years ago now and frankly, I've surprised myself with how this has gone. I wasn't trying to lose weight or anything, I just wanted to be healthier so I could reach my target age of 190.

During this time I have discovered a whole slew of products I never knew existed (most of which contain flax). Well, this morning we were talking about how eating white bread can reduce your urge to *squeaky, squeaky* and we mentioned how whole wheat bread is a better option. Here's the thing, I used to eat most store brand wheat bread until I figured out that most of it really isn't better than white bread anyway, then I discovered Ezekiel bread.

It appears to be fairly good for you and only marginally tastes like woodchips. While the taste is a little different, its pretty good toasted. It's made by "Food For Life" which sounds healthy, spiritual and a bit like a 90's hip-hop term.

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