Monday, April 4, 2011

What's The Ideal Amount of Movie Previews?

I love movie previews. I love the intensity packed in 2 minute capsules, I love the hushed whispers of people telling each other "That looks good," and I love the way the lights aren't fully dimmed yet so you know, "Hey, this animated movie from the creators of Up, yeah it's not Source Code yet pal."

But, as much as I like the previews I found the amount that aired before Source Code a bit much. As in eight. Eight previews. My Junior Mints were gone before we hit preview five. I took a bathroom trip during preview two and made it back in time to see five and a half previews.

My opinion: Give me 3-4 solid ones. Don't give me a bunch of these, "Eh, that could be okay" clips, give me 4 or less that I want to put in my daily planner immediately (which I carry with me so I can block off the season and year they come out . . . I'm busy Spring 2012).

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