Friday, April 8, 2011

Idol is Accidently Rude

If you missed Idol last night Pia "I'm hot but half a slightly odd shaped rear cranium" Toscano got the boot. Were people surprise? Absolutely. Are people allowed to be vocally surprised in front of their television sets? Of course. Who do I think shouldn't be sooo shocked is the judges.

It came down to Pia and Stefano and after Seacrest announced Pia was being sent packing, the camera panned to a confused Randy Jackson with his hands up in the air like he was lost for words. J.Lo was "shocked (&) angry" and was crying. Steven said America was wrong and this wasn't the right decision. Which are all kind things to say to Pia but what if you're Stefano??

Voters got it wrong, clearly this Members Only jacket wearing kid should have been sent packing - are we right America?!


Anonymous said...

Totally agree that Pia got voted off too early! Also, Newman your picture looks like a grown up version of Scotty from Idol!

Anonymous said...

I agree, America got it wrong and Stefano should have gone home.

Krizzle said...

a lot of the people ive run into that are complaining about the results are people who didnt vote. i think if people are going to piss and moan about the singers they like being kicked off they should take action and cast a vote instead of hoping their favorites stay in.

also, it doesnt matter who gets voted off now because chances are everyone who's on the show now including Pia will probably all get record deals, regardless of who wins.