Monday, April 11, 2011

Paint Overload

My wife and I painted our bedroom a few months ago and I was shocked at how easy it went. Not shocked at the actual work, shocked at how quickly we came to a decision on a color. My wife and I are very indecisive when it comes to home changes. The finality of them scares us (despite the fact that they don't really have to be final).

Well, now we are painting some other rooms and the color selection process is more in line with what I was expecting. Here are some shots for proof. Are we the only crazy ones who can't make an easy decision when it comes to this stuff??

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Anonymous said...

Way too many choices here! I always go with the color that hits me when I am envisioning what I want for the room. It has never failed. Plus, if after you have painted the room and the color doesn't feel right, it's only paint and you can try a different shade