Monday, May 2, 2011

I Married An 80 Year Old

I come in from mowing the lawn with our push mower this weekend - cause I'm a man & that's what men do - and plan on relaxing with a nice frozen daiquiri on the couch when I find my wife relaxing with one of her "programs." Now, we have already covered here love affair with Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman, but I did not realize she was also a fan of the popular show amongst 20-somethings, Murder She Wrote.

As I plop myself down glistening in sweat, blades of grass and machismo I find a two-hour long episode on our TV about some great train caper the novelist-turned-vigilante is trying to solve (no doubt her magnifying glass came in handy with her cataracts). It was on the Hallmark Channel which I was unaware we even had.

I went upstairs to shower (settle down no one) and let my 80 year-old wife enjoy her movie.

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