Monday, August 22, 2011

Movies You Wish You Could Un-See

Have you ever seen a movie you liked but in a weird way you wish you could un-see it?

Amazon has been recommending the movie Blue Valentine for me for the past year. Every purchase I make it says, "People who bought this also bought Blue Valentine." So, I figured either this movie is really perfect for me or Amazon has a crap-ton of copies of Blue Valentine they are trying to get rid of. Like if I bought a baby bib and they recommended it I would be suspicious, but every DVD I bought they told me to check it out.

I finally caved and bought the sucker and popped it in this weekend . . . apparently Amazon thinks I like to be super depressed and borderline mentally unstable. That said, the movie was awesome. However, even though it was awesome it is totally going to stick with me way longer than I want it to (ideally 5 seconds and we're going on three days). If you've seen it, I think you know what I mean. It's ultra-dark.

Is there a movie you liked but wish you could un-see?

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