Monday, November 16, 2009

Newman Reviews: Wellness Wellbars - Chicken & Cheddar Cheese

For far too long we've described things in such a way that we don't say what we really mean: 'Bath' room, Care 'taker', 'Dog' food.

Let me ask you - what does the following sound like to you: Sweet potatoes, cheddar cheese and beef broth? Cause to me, it sounds delicious. Something meant to be devoured and enjoyed. And, that it is . . . by a dog. But why? This sounds like something I would like to eat, and so I did.

This weekend I sampled the Chicken and Cheddar Cheese flavor of Wellness Wellbars dog treats. On a scale of 1-1o, with 1 being liver and 10 being lobster, Wellness Wellbars: Chicken and Cheddar Cheese are a solid 6. Is 6 that good? No. However, just like dog-years, this food needs to be adjusted because of the fact they're meant for your pet, which after the adjustment puts it at a solid 13! A 13! So in a way, these dog treats are better than a juicy rib-eye cooked in butter! (This logic makes zero sense)

My only complaint about Wellness Wellbars is they are incredibly dry. Now, to be fair things I have cooked have been dry, like last nights' chicken breast, to fix this I usually bath the dry food in sauce. So, perhaps Wellness Wellbars just need a delicious sauce to accompany them (I'd try a carbonara or a light wine reduction). Otherwise, the sweet potato really comes through and the light hint of beef really adds a new depth of flavor, and lets be honest, who doesn't like cheddar cheese (People who are lactose intolerant).

So, next time you are in the mood for a snack before you grab those chips, consider instead one of you little buddies biscuits (treats not poop . . . it sounded like I was endorsing eating dog poop) . . . or don't cause they are far more expensive.

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