Friday, November 13, 2009

What's Your Honking Style

If you are driving and happen to see someone you know walking by how do you honk to get their attention? This debate arose this morning where myself, Chris and Tommy all seem to have different styles of honking. Now, you probably have never thought about how you do this, and that is probably a good thing, but just try to think about it for a second. Here are differing view points:
  • Newman (The Stealth Honker) Honkers (funny word) like myself give a short, light honk to get the person's attention. This is in an attempt to differentiate the honk from a standard "YOU CAN'T SWITCH LANES INTO ME YOU MORON!" honk. By doing this it is my goal to both alert the person walking by and perserve the safety of those drivers around me. It was debated that this would not be easy for anyone to identify where the sound was coming from, occasionally this may be true but you have to be safe. "Safety First," is what I always say (literally, it's how I sign my emails: "Thanks for listening to PST. Safety First, Newman)
  • Chris (The La-La Honker) Chris' honk I believe can be described as a short song. Beep-Be-Be-Beep-Beep. First off, a better idea is just to get a horn that plays La Cucaracha . . . it is never not funny (however, it does take away a bit of the effectiveness when are really angry at someone.) I do agree that this honk has an air of playfulness about it so as another driver I would not always be jolted into thinking someone is honking at me, but I would sometimes and I think others would to. Safety first! (see)
  • Tommy (The Loud and Proud) Tommy's style varies little from his standard honking style. Whether, cut off by an old lady in a Cadillac or greeting a friend, the sound is the same HOONNNNNNNKKKKKK! With this honk you are guarenteed to accomplish your goal - your friend will look at you, but so will everyone else, and when they're looking at you, you know what they're not looking at? The road. Safety first.

Who's side are you on?

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