Monday, November 30, 2009


Along with cheating allegations, facial lacerations and a spoiled goody-two-shoes image. Something else came out of the Tiger Woods accident this past weekend: Horrible jokes.

(Note: I just realized I have no idea if the phrase is "Goody-Two-Shoes" - someone who is good and has multiple shoes, "Goody-To-Shoes" - someone who is good and travels toward places with shoes or "Goody Tooshoos" - a Chinese noodle dish.)

Check out Facebook or Twitter and you'll see loads of golf related jokes, most of which are incredibly unfunny.

  • Tiger's Worst Drive Ever

  • Tiger's One Under Car

  • Etc.

It is a simple formula: Golf Term + Tiger's Accident = Bad Joke

But, here is your chance, I am looking for one good Tiger Woods joke. I've been racking my brain and I got nothing. Write your best Tiger Woods accident joke here, or shoot me an email. Best one wins a prize (Prize may or may not be an autographed picture of me to use as a coaster or as the center for your dartboard.)


Anonymous said...

What does Tiger Woods & a baby seal have in common?................Both have been clubbed by Norweigans

Nesquik (FL) said...

Look Newman, This is too easy...

If you're looking for Tiger humor just do a skit as televised golf commentators at Tiger's next tournament:

"Tiger's got difficult lie here, choice between the water hazard and the trees."

"Yeah Bob, we've seen this before."

"Tiger's got a great Caddie, but it's not enough to get him out of the rough on this one."

I got a million of these!

Anonymous said...

now we see that tiger woods drives very well on the fairway, but doesnt fare very well on the driveway

Bob's Blitz said...

Newman, we've compiled several...

The Christine Show said...

The one I heard, that I liked best, was, "Hell hath no fury like a Norwegian woman with a 7-iron scorned."

Trip said...

Man : How bout that Tiger Woods having an affair with two women now.
Woman : 20 times in 31 months? ...and they call him Tiger.
Man : Well, he's a busy man...he's got 18 holes to play !

Rohit Reddy said...

Did you know Tiger changed his name to 'Cheetah'