Monday, November 23, 2009

You Already Heard That Joke

This past weekend I got to see Jim Gaffigan in New Brunswick. First off - hilarious. Go see him if he comes around again, he was great.

What I don't get is this: I love going to comedy shows, but whenever I go to see someone who has achieved a level of fame from being on TV, like Jim Gaffigan, the crowd always cheers to hear a certain joke. I find this incredibly strange. Jim Gaffigan has a pretty famous bit he does about Hot Pockets (check it out here) and people were shouting for him to do it during the show (a few people even had empty Hot Pocket boxes to hold up - Funny during the show. Funnier after when you're the guy caring an empty box of Hot Pockets through the streets of New Brunswick. Try to convince someone you're sober). For me, once I have heard a joke, I am pretty much set. A great joke is very different from a great song, while I love hearing a live performance of my favorite song (Party All The Time), I am not sure I care about hearing my favorite joke live. (DO FREE BIRD!) It could be the funniest joke ever, but once I've heard it, it just doesn't work.
Do you agree?

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