Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I Got Your Digits

Since, we are fairly deep into season 9 of American Idol and apparently no one has mentioned this yet to the contestants, I guess I will:

You know those hand gestures you do to show us the number to call, yeah, your number's already on the screen.

I'm just letting you know this because it is kind of pointlessly redundant, and, unless you raise your hands to your forehead (encouraged for hilarity), they are blocked by the phone number graphic anyway. Sure it's kind of cute when you are number "1" and it looks like you are cheering yourself on, but when you're number "8" and trying to hold a microphone it looks like you're flashing a gang symbol. See that, you're gonna kill somebody.

Here's an idea of something you could do when you're standing there as Seacrest reads your number: Slam the microphone down, hope for feedback and yell, "Thank you Los Angeles!" Nobody has done that before (in fact, I don't think anyone has done that since the 80's.) You'd get my vote (figure of speech, not my actual vote, I don't care enough to call in.) Other ideas include: A hilarious dance move, goofy face, pat Ryan on the head (only works if you are taller than Ryan, in other words, it works) or that move where it looks like you remove your thumb and put it back on.


Toni Ryan said...

really, newman. i expected you to be a tad more sensitive to the portion of the telephone-owning population who are illiterate yet fully comprehend hand gestures amounting to any number between one and nine.

seriously, shame on you.

Anonymous said...

I never vote for finger flashers.